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WTF is up with 11th Street Cafe?

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Ok, for real, can someone tell us what is happening with all the Ruggles Green, Ruggles Grill, Ruggles this, Ruggles that business? As for 11th Street Cafe goes, the name/ownership/affiliation transitions have gone "from operating as 11th Street Cafe for more than 30 years, to operating as Ruggles 11th Street Cafe for a couple of months this past summer, to operating as Ruggles Green this spring." According to the Houston Business Journal, Ruggles Green and Ruggles Grill are NOT affiliated. This announcement comes just after another "Ruggles"-named restaurant recently opened in Montrose. [Houston Biz Journal]

Ruggles Green CITYCENTRE

801 Town and Country Boulevard, Houston, TX 77024 713 464 5557 Visit Website

11th Street Cafe

327 West 11th Street, Manhattan, NY 10014 (646) 692-4455 Visit Website

Ruggles Grill

903 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006 713 527 9400 Visit Website

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