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Updated Chef Shuffles: Jonathan Jones

el-xx-dining-room.jpgIt started with a tweet (now since deleted) from @EatingOurWords that chef Jonathan Jones would no longer be with Mexican/Tex-Mex midtown restaurant, Xuco Xicana. Then, it was an early morning rap/poem/rant status update with similar themes on Jone's personal Facebook page, which has also since been deleted. Lastly, this tweet from food twitterati, Matt Chow has us assuming the rumors are true, "JJ isnt at XX anymore." In other words, Sunday's brunch should be a good one, although if it is true, a sad one as well. UPDATE: Like a knife through our hearts, Jones confirmed in a phone interview with Eater that his position is now defunct at Xuco Xicana, but he will still be involved with Beaver's (where he transferred from a year ago). He wishes nothing but the best for the future of the restaurant and promises that he's staying here in Houston no matter what happens. [Twitter, Eaterwire]
Photo: inside El XX. [Xuco/Facebook]

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