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Rouxpour, Artisans, Food Trucks and More

Artisans in Midtown
Artisans in Midtown
Gary Wise/flickr

Houston Press critic Katharine Shilcutt drives out to Sugar Land where she finds Creole restaurant the Rouxpour to be something of a mixed bag, including a disastrous evening next to two very drunk "regulars" who wouldn't leave her alone. "I want to like The Rouxpour. It has good bones. It has a chef with a lot of promise, a beautiful patio, a lovely interior (although it can be a bit fussy, something I find ironic given the very masculine crowds that dominate the bar and patio) and two of the better desserts I've found in a while." [Houston Press]

Houston Chronicle critic Alison Cook awards Midtown French restaurant Artisans just one star, because the restaurant doesn't live up to the implied promise of its name. "Still, I want more from Artisans than the restaurant is delivering. With one of the most handsome and dynamic settings in town, I want the food to measure up, to gain clarity and focus, to feature ingredients curated with a truly artisanal eye. Only then will Artisans live up to its ambitious name." [Houston Chronicle]

CultureMap's Sarah Rufca overcomes her skepticism about whether food trucks Monster PBJ and The Golden Grill could offer any value, given that they serve peanut butter and jelly and grilled sandwiches, respectively. "What makes both Monster PBJ and Golden Grill work is that they know the limitations of their chosen concepts and have worked around them with smart packaging, fair pricing and high-end ingredients that expand — at least somewhat — on the basic premise. It also helps that what they serve is pretty damn tasty." [CultureMap]

THE BLOGS: Urban Swank has impressions and a full gallery of photos from Midtown bakery Dolce Delights. Catherine Martin arbitrarily criticizes food truck Bernie's Burger Bus for naming its creations after things like the principal and detention that never occurred on a school bus. Hank on Food brunches at Heights oyster bar Liberty Kitchen. Finally, Daniel the Gluttonous Chinaman contends that the fish tacos at breastaurant Twin Peaks are among the best anywhere.

Liberty Kitchen

1050 Studewood Street, Houston, TX 77007

Twin Peaks

4527 Lomitas Avenue, Houston, TX 77098 713 520 7730 Visit Website

Artisans Restaurant

3201 Louisiana Street, , TX 77006 (713) 529-9111 Visit Website