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Arturo Boada, Kraftsman Cafe and More

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Arturo Boada Cuisine/Facebook

Chronicle critic Alison Cook visits Arturo Boada Cuisine in Memorial, which she awards one star to the Italian/Continental restaurant despite its high noise level and uneven execution. She wonders "What was the chef thinking with his Mama Sonia's Ravioli, their round, crimped packets stuffed with a gummy paste of chicken and porcini mushrooms?" Ultimately, she concludes that "At his best, though, he's still got some distinctive Houston magic. That's why his place is worth a look, even for diners outside his target neighborhoods." [29-95]

Press critic Katharine Shilcutt concludes that chef Scott Tycer is having fun at Kraftsman Cafe, the casual restaurant and bakery that replaced his shuttered, high-concept Textile in the Heights. "I think Kraftsmen Cafe is Tycer's version of a palate-cleanser after years of torturously high-concept menus that can often test the limits of a food lover's knowledge, understanding and patience. There are only a few breakfast items on the menu here, a few lunch items. The food itself is very straightforward while still being cheeky and just ambitious enough. And, most important, it's good." [Houston Press]

THE BLOGS: It's a busy week for Urban Swank; they found high quality and reasonably priced Cajun-style seafood at Floyd's in Sugar Land and recount the courses from a media dinner last month at Peruvian restaurant Alma. Hank on Food enjoyed his taste of the pumpkin menu items served at Italian restaurant Fratelli's through the end of November.

Alma Cebiche

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