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Raw Bar Cove Now Open Within Haven

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Back in June, Haven chef Philippe Gaston spoke to Eater about the plan to transform the restaurant's bar into a mini-restaurant focused on raw foods. Now known as Cove, the project is nearly complete, and Gaston is ready to serve his creations to diners.

The menu has three sections to indicate a dish's origins: Pacific, Europe and the Americas. Currently on the pacific part of the menu is a dish called Ikamata, which is a staple of the Cook Islands. For Gaston, the opportunity to explain a dish's history and educate his guests is one of the most exciting aspects of Cove.

Haven owner Rhea Wheeler explains that his inspiration for Cove came from trips to Ola in Miami, where chef Douglas Rodriguez served multi-course tasting menus featuring raw seafood. Although Wheeler didn't think Houston was ready for a restaurant like Cove five years ago, the city "is growing quite a bit culinary-wise."

He sees Cove as a chance to test this theory and suggests this his next restaurant could expand on the concept. Having originally opened both Ibiza and Catalan, Wheeler's track record of success speaks for itself, and he sees Gaston, who he calls "The Hammer," as another top-level talent.

"It's Hammertime," Wheeler says about Gaston and Cove. "When you have talent, you have to use it or lose it." With Cove, Gaston has the chance to use his talent to its fullest extent. Now's the time for diners to embrace it.

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