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What Restaurant Are You Taking Out of Towners To?

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Nothing says welcome to Houston like Uni pizza
Nothing says welcome to Houston like Uni pizza
The Pass and Provisions/Facebook

Despite providing Eater readers with a wide variety of options for restaurant dining on Thanksgiving, most people are going to stay home and cook. That likely means that people will be flocking to restaurants on Wednesday to avoid having to cook and clean for a regular dinner before Thursday's food orgy. Which brings up the question: which restaurant are you taking your out of town guests to while they're in town?

Perhaps out-of-town visitors want a "Texas experience," so it's off to Goode Co BBQ. Maybe they want to check out a place that's received national attention like Underbelly or The Pass & Provisions. If they're appropriately adventurous, maybe it's time to introduce them to Chinatown.

Tell us where you're going in the comments or send them in via the tipline. Check back next week for a map of the favorites as selected by Eater readers.

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