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OKRA Expands Fundraising for Charity Saloon with Peerbackers Offers


As OKRA members Paul Petronella and Cecilia Norman mentioned in Friday's post on the status of the Charity Saloon renovations, the Organized Kollaboration on Restaurant Affairs planned to expand its fundraising efforts through the Kickstarter-style fundraising site Peerbackers. When Eater spoke to them on Thursday, the details for what the incentives would be had not be finalized, but the site went live yesterday with some tempting options.

Admittedly, the good stuff requires a major financial commitment, but the organization is trying to raise $30,000, which means that collecting money $25 at a time isn't likely to be effective. To be successful, they're going to need big chunks, and that means there are some big incentives, such as the ability to cater a wedding for under $10,000.

First, the small stuff: $25 earns the backer some OKRA stickers and $50 nets a tshirt. While the $100 incentive of Greenway Coffee is also nice, splitting that into two tshirts will allow the donor to flaunt his charitable efforts more easily and might be a better way to go.

For $250, a donor will receive a gift basket from Poison Girl/Antidote/Black Hole, or, for $300 step up to a basket of items from Underbelly, where the walls are lined with various goods that have been pickled and preserved.

As for the OKRA wedding, here's how it works. Donate $1,000 and Poison Girl/Antidote/Black Hole owner Scott Repass will perform your wedding ceremony in "a very cool suit" using his status as a minister in the Universal Life Church. Then, there are two options to feed the guests. Contribute $5,000 and food truck The Modular will cater a party for 100 people with a four item menu. Alternatively, a $7,500 contribution gets a catered party for 200 from the same Anvil crew that kept all of Free Press Summerfest properly refreshed.

Prior to contributing, all one would need to do is negotiate for the use of the Charity Saloon itself as a reception venue, and it'd be the perfect OKRA wedding. For dessert? Paulie's cookies, of course.

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The Original OKRA Charity Saloon

924 Congress St., Houston, TX 77002