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Get a Pi Pizza Tattoo; Get Free Pizza For Life

To celebrate his first year of business, Pi Pizza Truck chef/owner Anthony Calleo has come up with a month-long promotion. Anyone who gets one of the tattoo above from artist Gabriel Massey at Scorpion Studios on Westheimer will get free pizza for life. According to Calleo, free pizza means "One slice, per day, for as long as I'm open, and I'll carry it to the store when I get the store open." Considering a Pi Pizza slice is a full quarter of a large pie and regularly sell for about $8, it's a generous offer to the truck's most devoted fans.

Calleo explains the source of the idea as follows: "It's something I've been thinking about for awhile. Like, I'm not really sure. I wish I had a good story. I like tattoos a lot. I have a bunch of tattoos. I like my brand a lot. I like our artwork a lot. I think it's super neat and catchy. I thought it'd be pretty cool if someone got it tattooed on them. I figured we could bribe them with food."

Some of the designs reference the creative pizzas Calleo serves on the truck: Drunken Peach, Grizzly Hawaiian, and the chili-cheese Frito-topped 420. Others are symbols that are painted on the truck, and one is a riff on the classic T.C.B. (taking care of business).

Reached by Eater, Massey says the tattoos will cost between $60 and $200, depending on their size and complexity. Calleo says that they're mostly half-dollar to palm-sized, because "We don't want them to be ridiculous." Anyone who's interested can call 713-528-7904 to schedule an appointment with Massey.

· Pi Pizza Truck [Official Site]
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Pi Pizza Truck

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