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The Critics Visit Guru Burger, Maharaja Bhog and More

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Guru Burgers and Crepes
Guru Burgers and Crepes
Gary Wise/flickr

Houston Press critic Katharine Shilcutt heads to Sugar Land, where she finds that Guru Burgers and Crepes is worth the drive. "That the little family-run place in Sugar Land Town Square is thriving is even more impressive considering how it could easily be quite terrible. Guru Burgers specializes in three items that are almost painfully trendy at the moment: gourmet burgers, craft beer and crepes. And any of these three could quickly go off the rails, but Guru Burgers' commitment to coming up with clever burger combinations and tracking down interesting craft beers from across the country instead makes it a destination much in the same way that burger fanatics make the trek down Westheimer to visit The Burger Guys." [Houston Press]

Chronicle critic Alison Cook awards one star to Maharaja Bhog, an Indian vegetarian buffet with locations in Mumbai and Dubai. "Maharaja Bhog's revolving menus of vegetarian specialties from the northwestern states of Gujarat and Rajasthan, which change daily, make the prospects even more entertaining for diners who are not from the subcontinent. Adventurous eaters and those in search of a broader knowledge of Indian food are almost certain to find dishes they haven't tried before, or combinations they never imagined they'd like." [29-95]

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the Leader Eater tries the pumpkin pie at Heights institution Flying Saucer Pie Company. "Flying Saucer doesn't break the golden rule of a pumpkin pie recipe: adding too much nutmeg. That double-syllabled spice can ruin a perfectly textured dessert by bullying the other tastes to the wayside. Instead, Flying Saucer doesn't let any component of its pie dominate, creating a flavor equilibrium that will cap off any turkey and stuffing feast with the family." [The Leader]

THE BLOGS: Hank on Food goes to a media event where he tries dinner at Adair Kitchen. Catherine Martin spends more time in the bathroom at Resie's Chicken and Waffles than eating her meal, but it makes for a very entertaining post.

Adair Kitchen

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