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Witchcraft Opens, Berryhill Expands to Bellaire

After a three week transformation, Witchcraft has replaced Dragon Bowl Asian Bistro. The restaurant opened on November 23. In addition to "artisan, craft made sandwiches" at lunch, the restaurant will serve comfort food at dinner. Naturally, a full wall of craft beers are on offer in decor the restaurant describes as "Swag Chic."

Meanwhile, in Bellaire, Berryhill Baja Grill has opened its twelfth Houston location in Bellaire at 5305 Bissonnet Street. Franchise owner Kristine Troger is a VP for the company that owns Berryhill, so the restaurant should display the same qualities that have made the other locations popular. Bellaire residents in search of fish tacos should pay the restaurant a visit. [Eaterwire]

· Witchcraft Tavern and Provision Co [Facebook]
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Witchcraft Tavern and Provision Co [CynicalHouston/instagram]

Witchcraft Tavern & Provision Co.

1221 W 11th Street, Houston, TX 77008 713 426 2750 Visit Website

Dragon Bowl

1221 West 11th, Houston, TX 77006 713-426-2750 Visit Website

Berryhill Baja Grill

3407 Montrose Boulevard, Houston, TX 77006 713 523 8226


1221 West 11th Street, Houston, TX 77007