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Hangover Cures from Houston's Industry Veterans, Part 3

Marc Borel, manager, Backstreet Cafe: Another glass of wine

Sheridan Fay, bartender, Haven and El Gran Malo: Spicy thai tom yum and a singha at Asia Market for starters. Avalon Diner always helps. Green chile pozole and a michelada at El Real. And a damn shot of the hair of the dog that bit you the night before!

James Watkins, sommelier, L'Olivier: Angosturra Phosphate. Or, more alcohol, depending on your profession . . .

Will Walsh, food writer and Ghetto Dinner conspirator: A bowl of Pho and a Topochico makes the world a better place.

Dutch Small, OKRA consigliare: Vodka in espresso with an aspirin chaser. Works like ka-pow!