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Hangover Cures from Houston's Food Writers

Katharine Shilcutt: food critic, Houston Press: Eggs. Seriously. Scrambled eggs. They'll turn your stomach at first, but they contain cysteine -- it's an amino acid that helps to break down the acetaldehyde in your liver, one of the chemicals that (SUPPOSEDLY) causes hangovers.

The best cure, though? Lots and lots of water, starting with a glass of room temperature water with two tablets of Alka Seltzer in it. Hangovers suck mostly because you're dehydrated. Choke down a few glasses, have a little coffee if you're feeling up to it and man up.

Amber Ambrose, freelance food writer: Only thing that works for me is more sleep. And Dramamine. Oh, and Powerade slushies from Sonic are the greatest.

Taylor Byrne Dodge, associate publisher, My Table Magazine: I eat a lot of greasy food to prevent hangovers, along with a huge glass of water the night before and two Tylenol, but, if I AM hungover, I like a huge bowl of pho with extra white meat chicken and an extra-large regular Coke from Sonic (no diet coke, must be fountain and Sonic ice!).

Sarah Rufca, CultureMap associate editor: The largest Coca-Cola I can find and carbs to soak up the alcohol, usually biscuits.

Joshua Justice, Eating Our Words contributor: A boozed up version of a virgin recipe I got from Adrienne Byard and mac & cheese.

Rachel Brill, Eater Houston contributor: Becks Prime cheeseburger, 2 Excedrin Migraine, and a beer.

Darla Guillen, CultureMap contributor: BANANAS! And coconut water. And sleep, too. Not that I've ever been hungover or anything...