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Roost Rip-Off?

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919Roost150.jpgIn a somewhat bizarre interview, Roost chef/owner Kevin Naderi contrasts the appeal of his restaurant with others that have opened in the past year such as Uchi, Triniti, Underbelly and Oxheart. "I wanted to do something where you could come two to three times a week instead of two to three times a year," Naderi told CultureMap. "The fact that we don't rip people off is big." While none of those restaurants are inexpensive, the implication that they're ripping people off might be upsetting to the people that work there. [CultureMap]


2815 S Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX 77098 Visit Website


1100 Westheimer Road, , TX 77006 (713) 528-9800 Visit Website


1972 Fairview Street, Houston, Texas 77019 Visit Website

Oxheart Restaurant

1302 Nance Street, Houston, TX 77002 832-830-8592