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Meatatopia CK's Steakhouse Joins Killen and Craig

Hubcap Grill owner Ricky Craig and Killen's Steakhouse owner Ronnie Killen announced last night that they're joining forces to open CK's Steakhouse next to the Hubcap Grill location on 19th Street in the Heights. Unlike Killen's failed attempt to open a restaurant in the former Stella Sola space, where negotiations over a reported 68 page lease killed the deal, Killen and Craig have already come to terms with Craig's current landlord on a simple, two-page document, according to Chronicle critic Alison Cook, who originally reported the story.

Rather than serve the same prime beef Killen features at his steakhouse, the menu will offer grass-fed, Wagyu-style beef from local producer Strube Ranch, as well as choices such as fried shrimp, which is already on Killen's menu.

Currently, they're targeting a February opening, but regardless of when it's ready, adding CK's Steakhouse to the mini-restaurant row that already include Gatlin's BBQ and Hubcap Grill gives beef lovers in Houston something to be excited about.

Update: The original version of this story did not state explicitly that Houston Chronicle food critic Alison Cook originally reported this story. The text has been amended to make that explicit.

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Ronnie Killen at the Metropolitan Cooking Show [Photo: Gary R Wise]

Hubcap Grill Downtown

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CK's Steakhouse

1127 West 19th Street, Houston, TX 77007