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Thien An Closes Today, Reopens in Six Months

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Taped to the door of Midtown Vietnamese restaurant Thien An Sandwiches was this sign, which announced today is their final day at their current location on Travis Street. As Eater reported last month, the strip center where the restaurant is located will be torn down and replaced with new construction as part of the Midtown Superblock. While the restaurant already has plans to relocate to a new location on San Jacinto, an employee indicated it would be approximately six months before it's ready.

In the meantime, Midtown pho fans can satisfy their craving at Pho Saigon. Bahn mi fans should try either Cali Sandwiches, which is located across the street from Thien An, or try Cafe TH, which is just east of downtown.

Thien An Sandwiches

2905 Travis Street, Houston, TX 77006