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Winter Cocktails; Refinery, Public House Profiles

COCKTAILWIRE— This post has a fairly exhaustive list of winter cocktails from bars such as Absinthe and Mongoose vs Cobra. There are even a few recipes for people who like to make drinks at home. [CultureMap]

HEIGHTSPublic House on White Oak has become a popular spot for service industry workers who appreciate the restaurant's local focus. Naturally, that includes plenty of Texas beer on tap but also local art on the walls and snack foods from local restaurants. [CultureMap]

MIDTOWN— The listicle format for a single restaurant seems vaguely silly, but here are 10 things to love about midtown beer and burger spot The Refinery. Strangely, one of them is that it doesn't have too many beers on tap. [CultureMap]

The Refinery [Gary R Wise]

The Refinery Burgers & Whiskey

702 W Dallas Street, Houston, TX 77019 713 487 0029 Visit Website