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The Eatsie Boys Cafe is Open Right Now!

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[Gary R Wise]

At 7:00 a.m. this morning, the long-awaited Eatsie Boys Cafe very quietly opened for its first day of soft opening. For the three partners, Matt Marcus, Ryan Soroka and Alex Vassilakidis, it represents the culmination of a process that began in March when they announced they'd be taking over the former Kraftsman Cafe space. For chef Marcus, specifically, the kitchen, with its four burner range, two ovens, deep fryer and other equipment represents a significant upgrade over the 36" grill he used on the truck. As Marcus tells Eater, "I can do anything now. Turn out crazy food."

For now, that food will be a limited menu that mixes a few familiar favorites from the truck like Frank the Pretzel with breakfast items and new dishes. In a display of the new capabilities afforded by the kitchen, Marcus is serving an opening day special of pho with matzah balls.

The Cafe also has a commitment to local products. They're serving coffee from Greenway Coffee & Tea, bagels from New York Bagel Shop and products from Marcus's father's business The Grateful Bread.

As for why it's taken so long to reach this day, Soroka offers a variety of reasons. First, to pay their bills, they never stopped running the Eatsie Boys food truck or doing catering events. Also, they jumped on the opportunity to get a prime space in Montrose before they had a full concept. Then there are the usual contractor and permitting delays. Finally, they're also trying to launch the 8th Wonder Brewery.

Regardless, the day has arrived, and the cafe is open for business. They'll be open everyday except this Sunday through December 21. They'll take a break for Christmas and New Year's and go full throttle starting Monday January 7.

Eatsie Boys

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