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Dining World Headline Predictions for 2013

As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, bloggers and readers. Time for our last question: What is your dining world headline prediction for 2013? Readers, please add your thoughts in the comments.

1219OKRALarge.jpgIs The Original OKRA Charity Saloon the start of a new movement downtown? We'll see in 2013. [Gary R Wise]

Danny Vara, Southbound Food co-host: Super Bowl Champion Connor Barwin stages at Underbelly!!
Guy Fieri's donkey sauce is found to be the cause of the zombie outbreak.
Pizza Hut comes out with its own pizza perfume. Wait, what?!
Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsay cut out the middle man and just start their own channel.
World runs out of quinoa.

Albert Nurick, H-Town Chow Down: Eater Buys Yelp, Restaurant Shakedowns End

Taylor Byrne-Dodge, My Table Sidedish editor: TEA MAKES FIRST MAJOR COMEBACK IN UNITED STATES SINCE BOSTON TEA PARTY (Tea as a food trend)
Tiny Jars (food in jars. this will still go hard.)

Mai Pham, Eating Our Words/My Table/Houston Examiner contributor: The Caliornia foie gras ban gets repealed
More menus go gluten-free

Teresa Byrne-Dodge, My Table magazine publisher: Randy Rucker Finally Opens Houston Restaurant

Amber Ambrose, former Eater Houston editor, freelance food writer: Paleo diet goes the way of the caveman
Area man writes Yelp review, can't remember whether it's 'palette' or 'palate'
Revealed: Maggie Rita's really a money laundering operation for Mexican drug cartels whose leader coincidentally shares a name with popular American comedian
Craft beer snobs rivaling insufferability levels of wine snobs

Katherine Whaley, KHOU Anchor and reporter: "Pancakes and Prosecco: Beer and Wine Pairings Come to Breakfast" -- Why not? I'm on-air at the crack of dawn doing the morning news, so my "5 o'clock" hits early.

Joshua Justice, Eating Our Words contributor: I'm just a guy drinking beer in this little backwater so I'm gonna go with a darkhorse bet and say craft beer makes a splash as dedicated pairing on high end tasting menus.

Sarah Tressler, freelance writer and writing instructor: Tilman Fertitta relinquishes ownership of his empire, moves to India to search for his life's meaning through meditation.

But seriously, I wouldn't bat an eye if Houston got a successful cooking reality TV show. We deserve it.

Rachel Brill, Eater Houston contributor: iPads, Self-service ordering

Catherine Martin, Arbitrary Criticism: Fried Eggs Take Over the World: Population Left Swimming in Yolk, Must Eat Themselves Out (maybe that's just wishful thinking)

Lauren Barrash, founder and president of The Wave: Prostitution & liquor aren't the only things that soar during a recession, comfort food sales are booming despite the economy

Gary R Wise, Eater Houston photographer: Indian food trending up

Phaedra Cook, My Table magazine contributor: My dining world is Houston, so I'll stay in that realm. As much as 2012 has been about openings, I am afraid Houston food headlines in 2013 will be about closings... the restaurants that couldn't keep up with the hot, young upstarts that are changing the game. There will be some cool openings too, though, so the other headline is: "Downtown Houston Revitalized By Small Bar and Restaurant Owners".

Steph Stradley, Texans blogger: Get Off Your Damn Cell Phone. /never will happen.

Eric Sandler, Eater Houston editor: Ramen Finally Comes to Houston
Bobby Heugel Defeats Annise Parker in Closely Fought Mayoral Election