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Rucker and Friends Plan Speakeasy for Repeal Day to Benefit MurrayAid Charity

On December 5 from 6:00 p.m. until 12:00 a.m., chef Randy Rucker has partnered with pop-up master Eoghan Dillman and Kitchen Incubator's Lucrece Borrego for a wild night at Gratifi Kitchen + Bar to celebrate Repeal Day, the day the XXI Amendment to the Constitution passed and ended Prohibition. Rucker will serve food inspired by the era, such as pickled quail eggs and grilled oysters, while Dillman will serve a variety of era-appropriate cocktails and Borrego will be using liquid nitrogen to make beer-flavored ice cream.

To maintain the speakeasy vibe, guests will have to use the password (R-E-P-E-A-L) to get their first drink; there will also be music and dancers. Volunteer hosts from across Houston will mix cocktails tableside.

50 percent of profits from specified drinks and any cash donations will go to MurrayAid, an organization that's raising money to help iconic Seattle bartender Murray Stenson pay medical bills incurred as he battles a heart ailment.

In a press release, Dillman explains Stenson's role in the bartending world. "Murray is responsible for just as much if not more of the beautiful aspects of this industry as any other barman around today. He stands out as a prince among the industry, a true pioneer-king, who everyone today in the industry should revere."

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Gratifi Kitchen + Bar

302 Fairview, Houston, TX 77006