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Lucille's Chef Takes to Comments to Respond to Review

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Lucille's chef/owner Christopher Williams has responded to Houston Press critic Katharine Shilcutt's scathing review in the comments section of the post. In the interests of equal time, here it is, unedited:

I have never read a review that was this personal and mean spirited. Every take you have had about my restaurant has been inaccurate, from the "three piece portion" of fried green tomatoes for eight dollars, vs. the picture of the actual dish with five pieces, which you took with your phone and included in your First Look blog post. This is not journalism, this is an attack done in poor taste. We are a small restaurant with no investors. We are not trying to get rich or famous, we are just being honest and doing what we love to do. I am sorry you had a bad experience dining with us. We want to provide the best experience possible to all our guests, even you. Since we are unable to satisfy your discerning palate with our "leathery ice tea," we invite you to dine else where in the future. PS: to any restaurant who wants a good review from the Press, and avoid this type of attack, you had better fucking advertise now! Christopher Williams, chef and owner of Lucille's

Yup, the old, "if we paid you, you'd write a better review" trope. Maybe she just didn't like the food.

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Christopher Williams [Photo by: Dave Rossman/Lucille's flickr]


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