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Cook Butthurt By Trolly Daily Meal Nonsense

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After taking grief from a group of anonymous chefs via The Daily Meal on Tuesday and Houston Press critic Katharine Shilcutt yesterday, Houston Chronicle critic Alison Cook had a whiny Twitter meltdown last night. She seems stung by the criticism of a group of anonymous chefs, who rated her 18 out of 20 critics and last in "prose style."

Yet, despite Cook's reaction, the hardest part of the whole thing to understand is why she cares at all. As Eater National's Raphael Brion pointed out about The Daily Meal post, "Every single 'top' chef was granted anonymity, which is a really great way to make shit up." Also, it included a rating for former Houston Press critic Robb Walsh, who left the paper in March 2010 and only occasionally writes about restaurants. Finally, the comments about Houston being "Still quite far behind overall" make it sound like, whoever these chefs are, none of them have been here in five years.

Frankly, the most interesting piece of news to come from the whole mess is that Walsh is returning to the print world as the food editor for the upcoming Houstonian magazine.

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