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Houston and Austin, BFFs

uchi-front.jpgMaybe Houston and Austin's culinary scenes should invest in a pair of necklaces where the heart is split down the middle with "Be/Fri" and "st/ends" on the two halves, cause they really love each other. Austin 360 published a feature about the ongoing lovefest between our two cities citing the recent move to Houston by Uchi and Torchy's Tacos, Max's Wine Dive expansion in Austin, Foreign & Domestic's multiple collaborations in both cities, Trentino Gelato's new Austin chef-inspired line, Scott Tycer's Kraftsmen deliveries to Austin and more. [Austin 360 via Eater Austin]

MAX's Wine Dive

4720 Washington Avenue, , TX 77007 (713) 880-8737 Visit Website

Kraftsmen Baking

611 West 22nd Street, , TX 77008 (832) 649-4307 Visit Website


904 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006 713 522 4808 Visit Website

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