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City Acre Brewing is Forging Ahead

city-acre-1.jpgIf collaborations are wrong, hopefully-opening-this-fall brewpub, City Acre Brewing doesn't want to be right. In one of their preview events, held over the weekend at the property, City Acre teamed up with local brewery, Buffalo Bayou Brewing in a chai spiced porter-brew-off (Buffalo Bayou's version won out). Other beers featured were a Saison and a Munich Helles. City Acre founder, Matt Schlabach also tells Eating Our Words that they wouldn't mind distributing their beers at some point, but they plan "to open as a brewpub first and foremost." [Eating Our Words]
Photo: City Acre Brewing. [EHOU]

City Acre Brewery

3421 Folger Street, Houston, TX Visit Website