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Uchi Files Lawsuit, Claiming Trademark Infringement

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Enso, Ltd, doing business as Uchi restaurants, from Beard-winning chef and owner, Tyson Cole, has filed a lawsuit claiming trademark infringement against a chain of Japanese and sushi restaurants in South Texas, also named Uchi.

The plaintiffs claim the defendant—with locations in Brownsville, Harlingen and South Padre Island—is "doing business as 'UCHI' in a form which is the same or substantially similar," to Uchi in Austin and Houston.

The lawsuit is requesting the defendant "cease and desist any further use of the term 'UCHI,'" because it "is likely to cause confusion, mistake or deception as to the affiliation, connection, or association" of the two and that the plaintiff has "acquired national trademark rights" to the name UCHI as it relates to restaurants.

The lawsuit also asks for "an award of monetary damages," recovery of legal fees and "an exclusive right" to use the trademark "UCHI."

Uchi Complaint

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Photo: Uchi Austin's logo (left), Uchi Japanese Restaurants' logo (right).


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