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Round 1: Killen, Gordon, Schafbuch, Siegel-Gardner

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Click on the photo to get a closer look.
Click on the photo to get a closer look.

eater-hottest-chef-2012.jpgCongrats to Rebecca Masson of Fluff Bake Bar, the winner of our 2nd heat in round 1 of the Hottest Chef competition. That makes two lovely ladies going into the semi-finals.

Today's vote (which will close Saturday at noon) heats up with Ronnie Killen of Killen's Steakhouse, the young, dashing chef at Tony's, Grant Gordon, pastry chef Kristen Schafbuch of Sorrel Urban Bistro and the very talented Seth Siegel-Gardner of Pilot Light Restaurant Group.

Poll results

Photo credits: Killen [Courtesy Photo], Grant Gordon [Mai Pham], Schafbuch [Michele Eulene], Siegel-Gardner [Courtesy Photo]

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