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Thirsty Thieves Grab Random Booze at Ziggy's Montrose

Apparently a hot commodity in Montrose.
Apparently a hot commodity in Montrose.

Some a--holes looking for a good time wanted to smash and get smashed when they robbed Ziggy's in Montrose over the weekend. The thieves, in their haste, grabbed a random assortment of alcoholic beverages, but forgot the sweet and sour mix.

According to Ziggy's owner, Kevin Strickland, after someone "threw [a] brick through the front door, [and] ripped out the frame" they grabbed the following:

1 bottle of blue curacao. 1 bottle of well vodka. 1 bottle of Enchanted Rock vodka. 6 bottles of Saint Arnold Christmas Ale. So if anyone sees some short dodgy looking perps with blue tongues, they did it.

Ziggy's offered a craft beer promotion yesterday to "pay for damages," and plans on doing another "Craft on Draft" special in the near future.

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