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Updates from OKRA: Pigfest and Parking

Houston's restaurant and community minded collaborative OKRA released some updates this morning, including plans for a Pigfest and the future of the parking regulations battle at City Council.

All is currently quiet on the parking front, but OKRA President Bobby Heugel warns that the issue of restrictive regulations for small businesses is likely to resurface over the next few weeks or months. At that point, supporters will need to rally once again. There is good news, though, according to Heugel.

OKRA now seems to have reached a "Stakeholder" status with City Administration. We are receiving invites to express our opinions about issues that affect independent restaurants and bars prior to drafting proposals, and this outlet for expression on the front-end of regulation is extremely important to influencing local politics.

Progress is being made on OKRA's intention to start a non-profit bar, which will hopefully be open by the end of the year. For now, the team is still looking for investors. As for PigFest, a date and location need to be determined but roasted meats are a sure thing and tickets will go on sale soon.

The group has also launched its full website, and alongside the mission and some sweet merch, there are articles from the likes of Hay Merchant co-owner Kevin Floyd about the state of Texas craft beer (hint: it's too "old guard") and chef Seth Siegel-Gardner about Sancho, the industry myth. It makes for engaging reading while you wait for Pigfest tickets to become available. Just keep clicking refresh.

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