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Bee Hive Stolen From Haven's Garden

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The hive that started it all.
The hive that started it all.
Photo: Haven

Filed under "the stuff so crazy we couldn't make it up if we tried," local and seasonal-focused restaurant, Haven's bee hive was stolen over the weekend.

According to Eating Our Words, as foreign as this theft sounds, "bee rustling" is actually a thing, but not normally here in the United States. However, EOW conjectures that this "could signal the beginnings of such an operation in Houston."

Haven's executive chef and owner Randy Evans gave us the following account of the sticky fingered assailants.

The hive was stolen from Haven's side garden at the rear of the parking around 5:50 Saturday morning. It was a pickup truck with a camper shell. Shelley Rice is our beekeeper and when I called Saturday afternoon to ask her if she took to the hive to work on it she said no and came right over. Shelley said after watching the security video that they knew what they were doing. It was a perfect time to move the bees, cold wet and dark, they are most docile at that moment. It took about two minutes for them to take the bees and drive off. I have no idea why anyone would take our bees. I am mad, but more stupefied as why anyone would steal the hive, malice?

Be it malice or just a very intense craving for fresh honey, this crime should not go unpunished. You're asked to call Haven at (713) 581-6101 if you have any details about the honey heist.

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2502 Algerian Way, Houston, TX 77098 713-581-6101


2502 Algerian Way, Houston, TX