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Moon Tower Inn "Busy Getting Paperwork and Permits"

Does this ring a bell? An open-air space with game meat hot dogs on the east end of town, full of attitude and gumption and craft beer.

Yes, it does seem like an eternity since Moon Tower Inn went on hiatus to revamp their space to make it even more awesome by adding a brewpub component, but they've got an update for those of us chomping at the bit (via their Facebook page)...

Sorry, we've been busy getting paperwork and permits and more paperwork and more permits and permits for those permits in order. The truck is on hiatus so we can do so. We'll be back soon and expect some pictures of our fancy new brewing equipment coming next week! SHIT YEAH!

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Moon Tower Inn

3004 Canal Street, , TX 77003 (713) 534-1325 Visit Website