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More on Roots Bistro

Rootsbistro-interior.jpg"Ruggles" Bistro is now Roots Bistro, and thanks to a recent press release, we know more about it. In addition to dumping any affiliations with the Ruggles name, we learn the chef behind Roots Bistro is German Mosquera, a "CIA-trained Ecuadorian toque," former executive chef for Ruggles Green and that "a new patio and event space are in the works." As for the food: it's "flavor-packed farm to table fare," with "vegetable juicing and full animal butchering." [Eaterwire]
Photo: Inside Roots Bistro. [Debra Smail]

Ruggles American

507 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006

Roots Bistro

507 Westheimer, Houston, TX

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