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Roost Gets Love from Shilcutt; Instanbul Grill Impresses

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Inside Shilcutt's beloved Roost.
Inside Shilcutt's beloved Roost.

Press critic, Katharine Shilcutt reviewed the very young restaurant, Roost, from chef Kevin Naderi. Shilcutt was fond of just about everything and calls it "one of the most impressive restaurants to come along in a few years, " because it "perfectly captures the current Houston culinary zeitgeist."

The only problem she had was "what to call Roost's cuisine," because it ranges from "buttery roasted cauliflower in a satiny miso broth with delicate flakes of bonito," to "country-fried quail in Steen's cane syrup and meaty gravy." Well, that and the fact that the "kitchen seems to need his [Naderi's] guidance in order to pull it all together each night," as well as the "very spotty service."

But after they work out their service issues, Shilcutt "wouldn't be surprised to look back in a decade to find that Roost has taken a place in Houston's culinary firmament."

The He Said/She Said duo of Christina and Josh (no last names are used on the site) at restaurant review site, 2 Dine For, went to "Turkish gem," Instanbul Grill for some healthier food and both fell in love with the place.

The couple shared a dish and found a new favorite in the Ezme Salad, which Josh describes as "a Turkish version of salsa, with finely chopped tomatoes, green onions, parsley, garlic, spicy red peppers." Christina found it so good that when it came down to the last few bites on the plate, she and Josh were "sizing one another up—it could’ve gotten ugly."

As far as return visits, the "attractive entrees," the smells that were reminiscent of "Greek, but not really; kind of Italian, but not really," and the food make this a new "go-to restaurant" for the blogger couple.

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