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Grand Prize Bar Loses Patio, Food Trucks; Gains a Menu

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The before and after shots of Grand Prize's patio.
The before and after shots of Grand Prize's patio.

Bad news: Grand Prize Bar in the Museum District, known for playing host to industry, and for cheap, strong drinks, has demolished their patio...on purpose. While the exact cause is unclear, The Modular food truck, which regularly parks and serves in front of Grand Prize, has tweeted "City why oh why." Jumping to conclusions in 3, 2, 1...

More bad news:
In addition to the setbacks in outdoor seating at Grand Prize, Joshua Martinez, owner/operator of The Modular, tells Eater that food trucks will no longer be allowed to serve in front of the bar. Like, ever again.

The good news:
The Modular crew is taking over the kitchen inside the bar and creating a new, regular menu for patrons. Said menu will be initialized today and carefully edited/curated once things get a-swingin' in the Grand Prize kitchen. In other words, give them a few weeks to see what works and what doesn't.

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