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Chris Shepherd on Underbelly's Inaugural Day

Chris Shepherd inside Underbelly.
Chris Shepherd inside Underbelly.
Julie Soefer/Underbelly Flickr Page

Chris Shepherd is a busy man this week. Monday, his "telling the story of Houston" restaurant, Underbelly opened for both lunch and dinner to the public. So, we gave him five simple questions designed for brevity (so he could answer while prepping for a shift) to see what he's feeling and seeing and doing at this very special stage in the life of his restaurant.

1) Describe your emotions on opening day in three words:
Amazing, Heartfelt, Kickass.

2) What was the most ordered dish on your first day?
Korean Braised Goat & Dumplings.

3) Your proudest moment about opening day?
Watching the joy in my cook's faces.

4) How are you dealing with the stress that comes with opening up one of the most anticipated restaurants in the entire country?

5) What's the one thing you want to tell your supporters?
Thank you for believing in us and letting us show you, through our eyes, this great city.

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