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UPDATE: Owner of Hubcap Grill Issues an Apology

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Ricky Craig, owner of Hubcap Grill, has officially apologized for his recent diatribe against a Dallas-based blogger that wasn't super fond of his burgers.

"No I wasn't twitter jacked & no I want [sic] delete. I take full responsiblity. Yes i took it too far n apologize for offending. Im moving on," tweeted Craig from his @Hubcap_Grill account.

The good news to emerge from all this: the party spawned by the incident is still in the works and it entails boiled crawfish and beer, and that's not offensive to anyone, except maybe the crawfish.

This just in from Craig (also via Twitter): "FYI. Not going to be a hate Dallas party." Might we suggest it be a #CoveLrawfish party? Cause that's something everyone can get behind.

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