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Hubcapgate: Local Bloggers Weigh In

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For owning such a tiny burger joint, Hubcap Grill owner Ricky Craig has managed to make some awfully big waves lately. First, there was the #YuckFelp showdown and party and then the now-viral Twitter hatestorm surrounding a bad review from a Dallas writer on national food blog A Hamburger Today.

Some Houstonians are not impressed, which could mean a potential #BuckFloggers party with more free beer in the future. (Fingers crossed.) Jim Rassinier, a blogger on, returned to the downtown location of Hubcap to evaluate the double cheeseburger for himself. This is an argument about food, after all. He found that "All in all, I have to say the review was accurate."

"While juicy, it did seem like it lacked seasoning," said Rassinier. "But the writer missed the point of Hubcap Grill... Hubcap is famous for the specialty burgers: the Hubcap Burger, the Philly Cheesesteak Burger, or the Muffaletta Burger, etc. Perhaps Ricky doesn’t season the beef because it might cause an imbalance to the greatness the other burgers have."

Despite this defense of Hubcap's food, the same could not be said for Craig's behavior, "What I don't applaud him for are his constant outbursts (in this case a Twitter explosion) and lack of professionalism...Ricky Craig needs to grow up a bit."

Over on his blog From the Gutt, Tom Gutting sees a more seriously consequence arising from recent events.

The sad thing is that Houston faces a serious threat to its ascent up the national food ladder. A startling number of those in the restaurant, bar, and beverage scene here apparently believe they are immune from criticism...Regardless of the subsequent apology, this sort of behavior makes Houston's restaurants come off as immature, petty, and, most important, unwilling to strive for the improvement that will allow them to shine on the national stage.

In other words, in order for Houston to grow up, we the people have some growing up to do too.

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Hubcap Grill downtown. [Gary R Wise]

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