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H-Town StrEATs will be Serving Some Crazy Ass Tacos

The H-Town StrEATS food truck pre-Dos Equis makeover.
The H-Town StrEATS food truck pre-Dos Equis makeover.
Candace Garcia/EHOU Flickr Pool

Houston, get ready to live. Dos Equis is coming to town and they're serving up some tacos full of crazy meats and insects. As Eating Our Words mentioned last Thursday, Houston food truck, H-Town StrEATS has been contracted by the beer company for a special Cinco de Mayo promotion here, and the menu is, umm, interesting.

Anyone with the courage and intestinal fortitude to try tacos containing "grilled shark, fried alligator, crickets and scorpion" will have their chance during the length of the promotion: Wednesday, April 25 through Saturday, May 5. Tacos are free - limit one per person per day.

So, what's the point? To earn "bravery points," and propel the "foodie epicenter" of Houston towards ultimate bragging rights against the other cities involved in the promo. And well, that's basically it.

To find out where the truck will be on a daily basis, check out the Dos Equis Facebook page.

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