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It's The End Of Restaurant con?t As We Know It And Chef Randy Rucker Feels Fine

Original photo:
Original photo:
Amber Ambrose

Beard-nominated chef Randy Rucker's highly anticipated restaurant, con?t, is no longer taking shape as previously planned. The location will not be 5219 Caroline Street and Rucker told the Chronicle's food critic, Alison Cook, that he and the investor have gone "their separate ways."

However, all hope is not lost. In a blog post about the change in plans Rucker writes, "restaurant con?t is not dead." He also has a lot more to say, and most of it is optimistic.

The blog post from Randy Rucker in its entirety:

Now that the news is out that restaurant conat will no longer be located at 5219 caroline street I thought I might shed some light on the future of the concept & myself. Its been an interesting couple of months for me (to say the least) & I’ve been reminded sometimes things in life don’t work out the way you intend. Often, they turn out in the exact opposite way but you keep your eyes on the goal, focus & press on. It’s no secret that I’m extremely passionate & I want this concept to be given all the necessary attention it deserves so it can be a true reflection of those who own & operate it. It’s unfortunate that restaurant conat will not be opening as planned, however, restaurant conat is not dead. It continues to grow & remains alive & well. Sometimes its very difficult to see at first, but i do believe all things happen for a reason. In fact, i feel extremely liberated & more inspired than i have felt in a very long time. I’m remaining extremely positive & open to explore new opportunities as they naturally happen. I will continue to search for a location to help give life to restaurant conat & make it a reality. I’m fired up & excited to see what happens next. This has been an extraordinary year for Houston restaurants & i can’t wait to watch it grow & prosper.
I’m proud to call it home?

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5219 Caroline Street, Houston, TX 77004