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'Houston Bucket List' Dishes: Twitter Responds

One of the new-school dishes suggested was from The Hay Merchant (pictured).
One of the new-school dishes suggested was from The Hay Merchant (pictured).
Gary R Wise

In the spirit of Armageddon and impending doom (that pesky Mayan calendar), an arbitrary grouping of 10 must-try dishes was conjured up yesterday to answer the question posed by the Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau: "What's on your Houston bucket list?"

Yesterday's list was partly crowdsourced via Twitter, and sadly not all suggestions made it into the very limiting 10. So, because there's no such thing as an Electoral College on Eater Houston, every voice will be heard.

The Twitter Suggestions
@HonchoTyler: Da Marco raviolo with ricotta, egg and truffles.
@esandler: fajitas at the original ninfa's, bananas foster at Brennans, fried chicken at barbecue inn/ Maybe pho at Pho Binh trailer/ Wish Lankford was more like it used to be.
@Salvie: Reef's Crispy Skin Snapper
@drricky: no question: bolillos at El Bolillo. Staggering with consistency and quality. Dumplings from Sandong.
@hedrives: BBQ Inn Fried Chicken, Huachinango Tikin-Xik at Pico's, Fajitas @ Ninfa's Nav.
@ruthiejsf: I submit a chili-cheese dog from JCI for consideration.
@theoShu: i'll go with the fried chicken at the scott st frenchys. beats bbq inn.
@BlueJeanGourmet: enchilada combo at Spanish Village, fried chicken at BBQ Inn/ I think a banh mi (pick your place) has to be on the list. and the lamb shank curry at Himalaya/ also, going to Indika and eating there just so you can get those ridiculous cardamom-butter cookies with your check.
@Fulmer: Raspberry Tart at Mark's. Barbacoa at Gerardo's Drive In. Beef fajitas at Ninfas Navigation. Cheese enchiladas at Sp Village.
@txrunningchick: breakfast klub waffles and wings; el tiempo deluxe el paradilla (sp?); tampico fish dish (cant remember name)/ not exactly houston but whatburger hamburger meal/ churrascos tres leches/ lupe tortilla beef fajitas/ Shipleys glazed donut- hot fresh from ella location.
@T_Tow: how about the coffee rubbed filet - I think you can still ask for it at RDG.
@JulyHummingbird: Posole, Pico's; Chicken Tandoori Quesadillas, Red Lion Pub; Shrimp & Grits, Backstreet Cafe; Crispy Pigs Ears, Hay Merchant.
@glovedirk: Asian Style Crawfish at Jolynn's etc.
@PaulPendergraft: Molina's (on Westheimer) enchiladas with chile gravy remain my absolute fav Tex-Mex. Consistently great for a generation!
@TheRainbowLodge: Smoked Duck Gumbo at The Lodge-23 years and still a top pick by our customers!
@beer_chris: I think you have to have cheese enchiladas. Would've said Felix, but maybe Los Tios, w/the puff?

Just for fun, here is one from the comment section too:
Cathi: lobster ravioli chez Philippe :-) banh bot chien chez Minh.

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