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A $12,000 Meal Re-Creating a Dinner on the Titanic

Oh, those pesky icebergs.
Oh, those pesky icebergs.

Ever wanted to experience the Titanic without dying a horrific death in icy waters? Well, all those with $12,000 to burn, eleven really good friends, a few hours to spare and an obsession with the "ship of dreams" can do just that at Cullen's Upscale American Grille.

In conjunction with a Titanic exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science, Cullen's is offering the 10-course dinner, which is a recreation of a meal "served to first-class passengers the night -- April 14, 1912 -- the ship struck an iceberg."

The $12,000 price tag includes servings for 12 diners, wine pairings, a $1,000 donation to the Museum of Natural Science and a private table in a room "suspended above Cullen’s main dining room."

Just for comparison's sake, the most expensive one-way ticket for the Titanic cost $4,350 in 1912, $7,650 less than the cost of this dinner.

· Cullen's Creates a Titanic Dining Experience for Guests [29-95]

Cullen's Upscale American Grille

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