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Avocado de Mayo at La Fisheria; Wieners on Slow Dough

La Fisheria.
La Fisheria.
Gary R Wise

LA FISHERIA—Because no self-respecting Mexican restaurant in Texas can ignore the holiday that is Cinco de Mayo, starting today, chef Aquiles Chavez will be offering a special menu ("limited time only") featuring avocados. This one-time menu lasts through May 5. [Eaterwire]

JAMES CONEY ISLAND—So this is kind of awesome, and not just because it involves the term, "wiener." The Houston hot dog chain, aka JCI, is offering a special hot dog (with a Hebrew National wiener) on local bakery, Slow Dough's bread. You can build your own or let the wiener experts build one for you. Prices range from $4.49 - $4.99 each. [Eaterwire]

TRINITI—Combining classical music and a tasting dinner and you get this: "The entire Mercury [orchestra] ensemble of 15 will be on-site to perform live pieces of music choreographed to an eight-course wine and dinner tasting menu." It all goes down at chef Ryan Hildebrand's River Oaks restaurant June 10th and is limited to 80-seats. [Examiner]

La Fisheria Houston

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