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A Remembrance of Late Night Pie

Candace Garcia/Flickr

Houston lost more than a late night haunt when Late Nite Pie burned to the ground back in February. As the alleged arson-initiated act caused the roof to collapse, Houston lost its indisputably worst pizza restaurant. From the under-baked crust to the interminable waits to the surly, indifferent staff, Late Nite Pie flat out sucked.

Worst of all, there was a time, early in its history, when Late Nite Pie made good pizza. The Stanky Whore with its combination of goat cheese, anchovies and garlic made for a unique pizza experience and a more than sufficient reason to choose LNP over late night eateries like Mai's or House of Pies.

At the original location, enjoying the fragrance of traffic and the non-existent parking, one had the feeling of being a part of something cooler and more subversive than regular restaurant patrons. Reminds one of the old cliche: if things didn't end badly, they wouldn't end.

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Late Nite Pie

302 Tuam Street, Houston, TX 77006 713 529 5522