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Welcome Eric Sandler as Eater Houston's New Editor!

When one chapter ends, a new one begins, and this is not in reference to the close of Eater's first ever Pizza Week (although that's been fun too). It is a pleasure to hand over the reins of Eater Houston to Eric Sandler, your new editor.

Eric's been an active participant in the Houston food scene since he can remember, and probably even before he can remember when he was "gumming on Chinese spareribs" as a baby. More recently, Eric joined the Houston Chowhounds in 2008, Twitter in 2009, helped judge the Houston Press Burger Bracket last year and has even garnered the support of Houston Chronicle critic Alison Cook and impossible-to-please Houstonian gourmand, Misha Govshteyn. Well played, Eric.

Because nothing says "welcome aboard" better than news tips, why don't you send him a few to kick things off?

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