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The Early Word on L'Olivier in Montrose

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L'Olivier's classy interior
L'Olivier's classy interior
Gary R Wise

L'Olivier, former Tony's chef Olivier Ciesielski's new restaurant in Montrose, opened in April. While some Montrose old-timers will bemoan that the restaurant replaced an adult DVD store, L'Olivier seems more like the good kind of gentrification than the bad. The menu includes mostly classic bistro fare such as boeuf bourguignon, steak frites and steamed mussels. Here's a look at what people have to say about it:

The Mostly Good News: An early urbanspoon reviewer writes about the great meal but notes a few kinks that need to be worked out. "The menu is still limited but the food is very good. Some glitches when ordering a glass of wine but after the 3rd one I finally got what I wanted.The steak and the mussel were really good. Fries were good as well, I was just surprised to see them coming in a paper bag...To make it up too is with those glitches, the waiter offer us the dessert :-) and it was just fabulous... You should definitively try the chocolate mousse." [urbanspoon]

The Foursquare News: The one foursquare tip praises the chicken. "The roast chicken is dlectable." [Foursquare]

The Great News: The Houston restaurant guide b4-u-eat had a great review of a recent meal at L'Olivier. " First visit, but we are definitely going back. The food is outstanding. Poached eggs in burgandy sauce, try it, you will love it....shrimp with black risotto, terrific....salmon risotto, same answer...try the floating island for dessert, wife loved it...and the pate may be the best, anywhere...downside was steak tartar, made with cheese?..needed more pepper or spice or something, no where near T*nys. And what about some bread? More upside, bartender was experienced and drinks were well made. Wine list looks workable also. Ambiance..hhmm....could be loud if busy...very bright, windows need a tint....the plastic chairs did not look inviting, but we sat at a very comfortable booth. Service was surprisingly good although somewhat uneducated with the menu.As I said....we shall return." [b4-u-eat]

The Decent News: One Yelper commented on how excited they were to see a restaurant open in this spot but found the food to be good but not exceptional. "This is a scrumptious new place replacing a revolting adult DVD store--What a makeover! Very posh! We tried the brunch on sunday. A Veggie omlette, waffle with chicken, and eggs benedict. I guess, I wasn't aware of a "raw bar menu." The plates were huge and overwhelmed the food. Everything tasted fine, I received bread when i requested it. but the plate seemed to beg for something to dress it up or make it a little more special. The ham on the eggs benedict was nice and thick--the eggs perfectly cooked. The waffle was huge but served on a small plate. We asked for pulled chicken on separate plate--it was fine but I'm not sure what was "French" about it-- We were given syrup when requested.I love the look of this place, the service was great and conversation with the chef was charming--------but I wanted more of a "french bistro" experience. I'm hoping a few tweaks here and there will make that happen." [Yelp]

The Mostly Positive News: A commenter on trip advisor wrote in about their recent brunch. "What a wonderful transformation from the previous business--so chic. It's a bistro of sorts with a chef actually from France. We did the Sunday brunch--waffle with pulled chicken, eggs benedict, veggie omlette. Bread can be requested---it was yummy. Everything had a fresh taste, delicately seasoned--the pan fried potatos were very tastey.In the $12 to $16 range. The plates were a bit large and made the portions seem smaller than they were. We all had plenty to eat. the chef takes time to stop by tables and chats. The sevice was prompt and friendly. Guess it's a Texas thing but I'm hoping the chef will offer a sweet entree for Brunch replacing the chicken for fruit on the waffles." [tripadvisor]

The Okay News: One Yelper writes in and says the entrees were better than the appetizers but that the restaurant is a work in progress and off to a good start. "L'Olivier receives a solid 3.5 stars. It was a bit of a rocky start, but the latter half of the meal improved significantly. The Oeuf Bourguignon looked really interesting, but my husband found the beef to be very dry, which was very unexpected. The smoked salmon with fried capers was good but unremarkable. The main course was much better. My husband had the fish of the day, which was served in a butter sauce with capers and broccoli and was delicious. The smoked salmon risotto had a lovely hint of fennel and was served with a poached egg on top, which was great. For dessert, the chocolate mousse was light and fluffy, and clearly was prepared with high quality chocolate." [Yelp]
— With Sarah Rose
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L'Olivier Restaurant & Bar

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