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Houston: Where There's a Breastaurant for Everyone

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The Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill in North Austin.
The Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill in North Austin.
Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill/Facebook

All of our wishes have come true: Houston is getting another breastaurant! At the upcoming Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill, opening May 10 near The Woodlands, (who's like, "why would we even bother attempting to be cute by using a name with a double entendre?") there will be scantily clad lady waitresses! And giant five-pound burgers! And if you eat the giant five-pound burger, you win a t-shirt, even after you've paid $24.95 to eat said giant burger! And OMG, bikinis!

Austin-based Bikinis joins the growing list of all-female-waitstaff Houston area restaurants:

Hooters: Oh, those supertan pantyhose and curly fries and wings!

Twin Peaks: Parking Nightmares R' US / girls in mountain-y plaid tops!

Flying Saucer: More of an alterna-Catholic schoolgirl look, knee socks and all!

Bone Daddy's: Coming soon! It's barbecue! It's headquartered in Addison, Texas! Their waitresses are called "daddy's girls"!

Brick House: Beer! Girls with trading cards! Collect them all! (The cards not the girls.)
UPDATE: A representative for Brick House emailed us the following response to being named a breastaurant, "We’ve moved away from the all-female service model (we have new uniforms, no double entendres and we’re now hiring men!)."

Did we miss one? Leave it in the comments.

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Flying Saucer - Houston

705 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002 713 228 9472

Twin Peaks

4527 Lomitas Avenue, Houston, TX 77098 713 520 7730 Visit Website

Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill

25657 I-45 S, Spring, Texas

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