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Where to Eat at William P. Hobby Airport (HOU)

Inside Hobby Airport.
Inside Hobby Airport.
Fly2Houston/Official Site

eater-airport-dining-guides.pngWith summer travel season arriving, it's time to update the Eater Airport Guide for the "other" Houston airport, William P. Hobby. Although smaller than IAH, there's still plenty of dining options available if you find yourself looking for pre, post or mid-trip munchies. Here are the five best choices to satisfy your weary, traveling soul (in no particular order).

Best Bets Inside Hobby Airport

bww.jpg1) Buffalo Wild Wings: It's familiar, it's spicy and it's got a bar. Boneless and traditional wings are served here with a myriad of sauces to spin them in and a decent selection of draft beer to wash it down. They do also serve breakfast (and it's not wings). [Central Concourse, Gates 24-32]

hunan-hobby.jpg2) Hunan Return of the Phoenix: The overly dramatic name of this Chinese food court option is one of the reasons it made the list. However, being the only place inside Hobby to find fried rice is the other. [Central Concourse, Food Court]

pappas-burgers-hobby.jpg3) Pappa's Burgers: It's fast, the burgers are surprisingly good and you can sit down and sip an adult beverage before you board the plane. There's also a full menu of other entrees like salads and sandwiches if you're burgered out (if that's even possible). Full service restaurant and bar. [Central Concourse, Gate 40]

pappadeaux-hobby.jpg4) Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen: Pappas restaurants get an "A" for consistency, which is why they'll always be popular. While the focus is on Gulf seafood, there are dishes like beef, chicken, salads and even gumbo to try out as well. Full service with a full bar. [Central Concourse, Food Court]

pappasitos-hobby.jpg5) Pappasito's Cantina: Notice a trend here? Yet another Pappas chain makes this list, because, well, there's not much else. Get your own special combo of beans/meat/cheese and tortilla in the form of tacos, burritos and enchiladas. [Central Concourse, Food Court]

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Photos [Fly2Houston/Official Site]

William P. Hobby Airport

7800 Airport Blvd Houston, Texas

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