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La Fisherman Locks In Patrons Over Tip Dispute

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An entire party of guests were recently locked inside La Fisherman on Highway 6 (not to be confused with La Fisheria) and confronted by police over a tip dispute according to KPRC. Spoiler alert: they ended up paying the full bill, automatic 17-percent gratuity and all, but not before a very dramatic scene unfolded.

According to patron Jasmine Marks, even though the size of their dining party met the requirements of an automatic gratuity as stated clearly on the menu, the service didn't warrant that large of a tip because "the wait staff was rude, their drinks didn't get refilled and they didn't receive their entire order."

When Marks and her friends tried to leave after paying the bill minus the full amount of added tip, the restaurant locked the doors (with the patrons inside) and called the police.

To avoid a furthering of the situation, the guests paid the check in full and apparently, called the local news station. The La Fisherman manager on duty that spoke to KPRC for the story told them "they usually don't have a problem with people paying their gratuity, but admitted they have called police for this type of issue before."

· Family Says Restaurant Locked Them Inside [KPRC]
Photo: Screenshot from the KPRC story. [KPRC]

La Fisherman

1935 Highway 6 S, Houston, TX