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Think Outside the [Pizza] Box: A Pizza for Every Meal

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Inside Anvil Bar & Refuge, an unusual place to find pizza, or as they call it, "flatbreads."
Inside Anvil Bar & Refuge, an unusual place to find pizza, or as they call it, "flatbreads."
Amber Ambrose

In honor of Pizza Week, we pose a challenge to our readers: think outside of the pizza box.

This ingenuity might lead you to eating pizza at an unusual time of day. Breakfast anyone? Or, maybe eating pizza for every meal of the day. Or perhaps just finding a pizza place you've never tried before. However you interpret the challenge, here's a list of meal-time categories to guide you on this pizza pilgrimage.

Breakfast Pizza: When you're craving pizza, and cold leftovers won't do the trick. There's no better way to start your day.

· Farrago World Cuisine - 318 Gray St.
· Tiny's no. 5 - 3636 Rice Blvd.
· Tiny Boxwood's - 3614 W. Alabama St.

Lunch Pizza: Stuck in a sandwich rut? Try a pizza for lunch. Smoked chicken or garlic turkey sausage toppings can offer a protein-rich lunch alternative. The best part? Eat only half, and it can be dinner too.

· Ruggles Green - 2311 W. Alabama St. & 801 Town and Country Blvd.
· The Queen Vic - 2712 Richmond Ave.
· Benjy's - 5922 Washington Ave. & 2424 Dunstan Rd.
· Ziggy's - 302 Fairview

Happy Hour Pizza: The perfect complement to your after-work glass of wine. Plus the fact that it's ideal for sharing.

· The Tasting Room - 1101-18 Uptown Park Blvd.
· Sonoma - 2720 Richmond Ave.
· Cru - 2800 Kirby Dr. Ste. B-130
· Prohibition - 5175 Westheimer Rd.

Late Night Pizza: The ideal way to top off a night out on the town. In addition to pizza tasting better after drinking, it's a semi-effective way of battling tomorrow's hangover.

· Pi Pizza Truck - 1205 Richmond Ave.
· Boheme - 307 Fairview
· Anvil (where they're called "flatbreads") - 1424 Westheimer Rd.
· Simone on Sunset - 2418 Sunset Blvd.

· All Pizza Week Coverage on Eater Houston [EHOU]
--Rachel Brill

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