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Charles Clark Comes Clean

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This Saturday, on the Cleverley Show on 650AM, Ibiza chef Charles Clark called to discuss Eater's story that he had been arrested and charged with DWI early Thursday morning. When he spoke to Eater, Clark denied having been arrested and claimed to have been in Aspen. However, on the air, Clark told host Cleverley Stone that Eater's story was true. He was arrested Thursday morning after being involved in a traffic accident.

Clark strongly denied actually being intoxicated. He noted that he neither took a breathalyzer exam nor had blood drawn. He blamed his failure to complete the heel-to-toe walking exercise on an injury sustained many years ago, which makes it hard for him to balance on one foot. Asked by Stone about his comments to Eater, Clark admitted "I should have said no comment. That's what I meant."

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