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Man Bites Dog! Valet Makes Someone Happy!

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Most people love to hate valet parking. Some resent paying money for someone to park their car in a lot that would have plenty of spots if not for the valet's cones. Others have been the victim of random door dings or scrapes from valets who weren't careful with their cars. Old-fashioned types who insist on driving a car with a standard transmission may experience a special kind of angst every time they pull up to a valet stand.

When a valet does something nice, it's worth noting. Wednesday night at Max's Wine Dive a couple pulled in to the valet stand with a flat tire. They decided to eat dinner first and deal with the problem afterwards. Imagine their surprise when they exited the restaurant to discover that, while they were eating, the valet had arranged for the tire to be repaired. Talk about going above and beyond.

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MAX's Wine Dive

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Max's Wine Dive

4720 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX 77007