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No Label Brewing Co to Install Bottling Line

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No Label Brewing Co has provided Eater with an update on their plans to install a bottling line. According to co-owner Jennifer Royo, the machinery arrived at No Label's brewery in Katy May 30. Their plan is to install everything in time to begin bottling in July. Initially, No Label will bottle their regular offerings of Ridgeback Ale, El Hefe Hefeweizen and Pale Horse Ale. Seasonal Black Wit-O will follow later this year.

Although the line's capacity is only 2,300 bottles per hour, Royo stands by the decision to go with bottles instead of cans, as local brewers Southern Star and Karbach have done. She explains, "We went with bottles, because that is what we invisioned using from the beginning. We like the look of the bottles. Nothing wrong with cans, just our personal preference." Ironically, distributing bottles means the brewery will finally need labels.

No Label Brewing Co.

5373 1st Street, Katy, TX 77493